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transform your life to one full of ......

Whether you want to be more confident, nurture self-love, have better relationships, start your own business, have a fulfilling career, improve your health or attract financial abundance, together we will do the inner work and take the external steps needed to move you towards your desires so you can create a more fulfilling and happier life.

If you have goals and dreams that you want to achieve but you feel stuck, frustrated or overwhelmed, Chatty Flamingo will help you create the life you want as the person you want to become.

Transform your life with Chatty Flamingo & achieve your goals and dreams.

Are you ready to...

  • Get really clear on your dream life and start implementing it
  • Uncover the unconscious patterns that are keeping you stuck
  • Dissolve the blocks that are holding you back from living a life of fulfilment and with a sense of purpose
  • Experience healing and lightness in your body, mind and feelings
  • Create more abundance and success in all your endeavours

Hello! I'm Gilly.

I am an intuitive, life & business coach, healer, holistic therapist, and tarot master.

And I’m passionate about helping you discover and harness your power to live a life full of purpose, confidence and happiness.

I create high vibe spaces for people who want to experience a new kind of life where transformation and healing is a process that happens gently and naturally.

I’m glad you’re here!

Who benefits?
Who benefits from Chatty Flamingo's products & services?
  • Individuals who are open and committed to change
  • Individuals who are ready to get really clear on their life vision
  • Individuals who want to heal their emotional, pyschological and physical issues, holistically
  • Individuals who are ready to heal their lives, be the best version of themselves and aspire to live the life they desire
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How do you know if Chatty Flamingo is for you?

Is this you ? .......


You are ready to start shifting your physical and emotional issues and to discover what may be standing in the way of your vibrant wellbeing

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You are tired of feeling stuck!

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You know it is time for something bigger, that you have a higher purpose but you’re not completely aware of what it is or how to start living it

Gilly's Approach

Permanent change comes from shifting our thoughts and beliefs as well as compassionately healing, not suppressing, our emotions. This shift also needs to be reflected in who we are being in the world. Because of this, I always take a holistic approach to life coaching when working with my clients, so we focus on your life as a whole, working together on your blockages, emotions, mindset, behaviours, and spiritual energy.

life coaching


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1:1 Coaching

If you are feeling stuck, bored, or uninspired, one to one transformation and business coaching is the best way to springboard yourself into the person you want to become and create the life you want to live.

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Choose from our growing library of self-study courses, toolkits, and guides in the areas to you want to improve and develop within yourself.

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Intuitive readings
Intuitive Readings

A great solution to get you back into action if you are feeling stuck, and/or give validation you are on the right path as well as suggestions to guide and offer insights on specific areas in your life.

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energy Healing
Energy Healing

To be at your optimum your energy needs to flow freely within and around your body. Energy healing will unblock any stuck energy leaving you feeling revitalised and re-energized.

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Our inclusive online community for those who are ready to transform their lives into one full of purpose, confidence and happiness. An opportunity to heal, transform and flourish

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Our range of specially chosen products for your holistic wellbeing, helping you heal, transform your life. Including crystals, affirmation books, colouring books, wall art and more...

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