We absolutely love the wonder of tarot!

It is such a useful tool. Tarot readings can validate how or what we are thinking, shed insight into possible outcomes depending on our decisions. A reading can also get us thinking about aspects of ourselves and life that we are pushing under the carpet or have a reluctance to acknowledge, even though deep down we know we need too.

All in all, a tarot reading is a little window into your life, it's like looking at your situation from a bird's eye view. And we all know, sometimes when we're at the crossroads of change, a little insight into what lies ahead is both reassuring and comforting. Tarot helps us navigate what's coming up, gives potential solutions into how we can approach different scenarios.

Remember you are the master of your own destiny and should always operate from a place of freewill, love and compassion, so whilst the cards will share insight and guidance into your life, ultimately any decisions or action taken is down to you!


The cards will tell you what you NEED to know, not necessarily what you WANT to know!