Award-winning Ludgershall Life Coach moves practice to Amesbury

It’s a change of scenery for local coaching and holistic business Chatty Flamingo, who on 1 February 2022 opened the doors to their new therapy room in Amesbury.

The last couple of years have had a massive impact on the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing of many. It has given time to think about our lives in way that maybe we didn’t before, as we were too busy living them.

For many, it highlighted where they want positive change in their lives and are now ready to really explore what that looks like and implement it.

Chatty Flamingo is a centre for Holistic Wellbeing. Gilly provides gentle coaching and healing modalities for people with a variety of ailments, whether they’re physical, mental, emotional or spiritual.
As a specialist in holistic therapies she works closely with each client on a case-by-case basis using many different healing techniques to help them create balance and flow within their body and life.

Gillian Hughes says, “It’s so important, now more than ever, that people have easy access to guidance and therapies to help them feel better about themselves and their lives, as the world fully opens up and a new normal begins.”

She continues, “I’ve chosen Amesbury just off the A303 in a semi-rural location, as it’s easy to get to for people who live in Andover, Salisbury and the surrounding areas. There’s free parking too, which is always a bonus!”
The Chatty Flamingo Therapy Room (virtual and in person) is a safe and nurturing space, where Gilly will listen and support you through your transformation journey, with a hybrid of healing, coaching, teaching, guiding and mentoring, as required by the therapy booked.

Make 2022 the year you take action to create positive change in yourself and your life.

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About Gilly Hughes

I'm Gillian Hughes and I’ve had a long-standing passion for self-discovery, self-development, spirituality and many other things considered ‘woo-woo’! I love the endless possibilities available to us through developing our hearts and minds. And through my ongoing learning I have become a jack of all trades and a MASTER in bringing them all together to help people like you create a more fulfilling and happier life.