Being Vulnerable Allows You To Grow The Most

What do you think of when you hear someone use the word vulnerable? Does it conjure up negative images? Do you imagine a weakling? Unfortunately, that seems to be the opinion many people hold about vulnerability.

Feeling vulnerable isn't always nice, especially when someone burns you as a result of letting your guard down. However, vulnerability is not a weakness and we're going to highlight just how much you can grow by being vulnerable.

• Connections

When you learn to be vulnerable you open the door to new connections. Vulnerability allows you to engage with people on another level. It makes you both more understanding and more trustworthy. With your guard down, the door opens to a deeper trust in your relationships. In any type of relationship, vulnerability is a necessary part of growth.


• Character

When you open yourself to others and discuss yourself, your accomplishments, challenges, and adversities It can help others traverse the challenges of their own lives. It also helps you grow as a person because the more vulnerable you are with others the more open you are to improve your self-awareness. It is this that helps you get to grips with your character and the characteristics that you possess. You may be nervous, you may be scared, but even those feelings can help you learn more about yourself, as well as how to manage a variety of scenarios.

• Strength

When you are on high alert you often come up with your greatest ideas and best insights. Usually, that's because you pick up on things around you, things that may have always been there but you simply hadn't previously noticed.

Or you notice something within yourself that you hadn't realised before. Perhaps you finally connect to long-held knowledge you hadn't tapped into properly before. Your vulnerability makes you a more creative person, it makes you more innovative.


• Empathy

You are often at your strongest when you are at your most vulnerable moments. How is that possible? Especially when so many view vulnerability as a weakness. When you open yourself up to the possibility of pain, rejection, sadness, or defeat, you are open to opportunities you couldn't imagine.

We generally feel rather uncomfortable when we are at our most vulnerable moments. Though this doesn't feel particularly great, it is where you can find your inner well of courage. Pushing past your fear to be vulnerable with both yourself and others helps you become a stronger person.


• Creativity

Making yourself vulnerable helps you get in touch with your environment. By getting in touch with the world around you, you start to notice more about the people in your life, too. Vulnerability helps you improve your ability to notice social cues and when you grow more socially aware, you become a more empathetic person. When you yourself embrace your vulnerability, you embrace an understanding of others and what makes them tick.

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There is nothing weak about vulnerability. No. Being vulnerable allows you to grow the most and as you can see from above, you can grow in all manner of different ways. It's up to you to decide which way you will grow and how fast.

However, you can start by making yourself more vulnerable to the people closest to you. Think of them as practice, the more you practice the easier it will become when you make yourself vulnerable with everyone in your life. I would encourage you to challenge yourself daily to practice vulnerability and, in your vulnerability, experience personal growth that knows no bounds.


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