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Does your inner critter run amok inside you? Is it constantly causing you to doubt yourself and sabotage all the fantastic opportunities that come your way? Maybe your inner saboteur holds you back by constantly convincing you you're not good enough, you'll only fail, no one's interested!

Is it easier to think the worst rather than of all the positives?

Are you always finding excuses to resist change, excuses like:

  • I don't have the time
  • I don't have the money
  • I don't like change
  • I'm afraid
  • What if I fail?
  • Why am I doing this?

If you feel ready for success but feel an invisible pull holding you back, this programme is for you.

With our mindset coaching programme, Get Out Of Your Own Way, you will build up the tools, get the support and inspiration to clear any emotional blocks, reset your mindset and step into the world full of self-belief and self-confidence to achieve what you desire in love, money and/or lifestyle.

This powerful programme is primarily about your mindset and can be tailored to your personal or business life.

Your programme starts with a friendly and relaxed assessment so that Gilly can  understand your current mindset, natural default thought process, self-doubt, fears, values and priorities as well as personality, your coaching programme will be created based on these results.

During the programme, you'll learn:
Programmed for Success

What’s preventing you from achieving success

Programmed for Success

Your vision for success (And/or help you create one)

Programmed for Success

Your limiting beliefs and where they have come from

Programmed for Success

Reprogramming negative thinking into positive thinking

Programmed for Success

Recognising your self-sabotaging behaviours

Programmed for Success

How to stop self-doubt in its tracks

Programmed for Success

Your fears – how to overcome worry & anxiety

Programmed for Success

Confidence & self-worth

Programmed for Success

How to stop making excuses & start taking action

Programmed for Success

How to get out of your own way

Each session will have an element of powerful natural healing, that will be agreed upon within your tailor-made coaching sessions. They will vary from week to week to ensure all areas of healing are covered in a gentle way.

Gilly uses a combination of healing, coaching, teaching, guiding and mentoring, with exercises, toolkits, and healing practices. You'll receive guidance on when and how to use what you learn.

You will be given small action tasks to work on between each session, always remember, you are required to take action to see positive change.

If you embrace and trust the process of this programme, it WILL change your life. For maximum benefits we recommend the 8 week programme.

8 Week Programme

8 weeks – 1 x 90 minute weekly session
1 upfront payment 

6 Week Programme

Don't need the full 8 week programme? Adapt your coaching package to your requirements within a shorter timeframe. 

6 weeks – 1 x 90 minute weekly session
1 upfront payment

4 Week Programme

Don't need the full 8 week programme? Adapt your coaching package to your requirements within a shorter timeframe. Ideal as a refresher programme.

4 weeks – 1 x 90 minute weekly session
1 upfront payment

Contact for payment plan options


Oh my goodness - my mindset has changed beyond what I expected. I feel blessed to have experienced a different approach to transforming how I think about myself and therefore my life. I am truly grateful for the time I have spent with Gillian and am now able to move forward with more clarity and purpose.


Colchester, Essex
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