Emotional Clearing Coaching

Your great love affair with life

Letting Go Of The Past

Our energy systems hold emotional experiences and traumas from our past which hold us back from achieving our dreams and in some cases hinder us from living effectively.

If you feel stuck, frustrated, anxious, worried, or overwhelmed and you can’t seem to move forward successfully, Emotional Clearing Coaching will help you let go of and make peace with your past along with any unseen blocks that are holding you back from moving on.

You'll build a toolkit you can turn to whenever you need help, with a variety of coping strategies that are easy to use on a daily basis.

And you're in safe hands. Gilly provides gentle coaching and healing modalities for people with a variety of ailments, whether they’re physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. She works closely with each client on a case-by-case basis using many different healing techniques to help them create balance and flow within their body and life.

Your programme starts with a friendly and relaxed assessment so that Gilly can really understand you, your present day life, experiences from your past and most importantly, how you relate to the emotion and memories of the past, in order for her to guide you to heal, let go of the past and create the positive changes you dream of.

During the programme, you'll learn:
Your great love affair with life

Why you feel the way you do

Your great love affair with life

Release the pain of the past

Your great love affair with life

Ways to feel better on a daily basis

Your great love affair with life

Heal and move on from 'trauma'

Your great love affair with life

Feel less anxious

Your great love affair with life

Feel stronger and more able to cope

Your great love affair with life

Feel more peaceful emotionally

Your great love affair with life

Let go of painful memories

Your great love affair with life

Love yourself more

Your great love affair with life

Create an ongoing plan of action

Each session will have an element of powerful natural healing, that will be agreed upon within your tailor-made coaching sessions. They will vary from week to week to ensure all areas of healing are covered in a gentle way.

Gilly uses a combination of healing, coaching, teaching, guiding and mentoring, with exercises, toolkits, and healing practices. You'll receive guidance on when and how to use what you learn.

You will be given small action tasks to work on between each session, always remember, you are required to take action to see positive change.

If you embrace and trust the process of this programme, it WILL change your life. For maximum benefits we recommend the 8 week programme.

5 Week Programme

5 weeks – 1 x 90 minute weekly session
1 upfront payment

3 Hour Intensive

1 x 3 hour session
1 upfront payment


Oh my goodness - my mindset has changed beyond what I expected. I feel blessed to have experienced a different approach to transforming how I think about myself and therefore my life. I am truly grateful for the time I have spent with Gillian and am now able to move forward with more clarity and purpose.


Colchester, Essex
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