Courses, Toolkits & Guides

1:1 coaching doesn’t appeal to everyone and some people prefer to work on their personal development alone. So, we've created a selection of online self-study courses, downloadable toolkits and guides for you to choose from.

You choose the topic, and fit your learning around your existing schedule. These are great if you want to make quick, positive changes. Courses and toolkits come with audios, templates and workbooks to help you create the positive change you desire.

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  • happiness
    Happiness, Joy & Contentment
  • relationships
    Self Love, Love & Relationships
  • mindset
    Mindset, Motivation & Money
  • Self worth
    Confidence, Self Worth & Self Care
  • Limiting beliefs
    Overcoming Fears, Worries & Anxieties
  • inner peace
    Life Purpose, Life Passion & Inner Peace
  • breathing exercise
    Meditations, Affirmations & Healing
  • Programmed for Success
    Be Your Own Boss & Business


Chatty Flamingo Toolkits will help you transform in the area of the topic chosen. Using a range of different components, our toolkits are easy to use and a quick way to learn, understand and most importantly, take action on the subject of your choice, for your desired transformation.



Face Your Fears to Overcome Worry & Anxiety

Are you overwhelmed by your fears? Frustrated with your worries? Feeling anxious every day?
This course can help!