Emotional Clearing Coaching

Letting Go Of The Past

Our energy systems hold emotional experiences and traumas from our past which hold us back from achieving our dreams and in some cases hinder us from living effectively. If you feel stuck, frustrated, anxious, worried, or overwhelmed and you can’t seem to move forward successfully, Emotional Clearing Coaching will help you let go of your past and any unseen blocks that are holding you back from moving on.

Intensive Session

3 hour session

Full Coaching Cost

5 weeks – 1 x 90 minute weekly session
Payment upfront

Coaching payment plan
£350 per month

5 weeks – 1 x 90 minute weekly session
Payment each month for 2 months

£350 per month

Letting go of lots of 'stuff' that has been clogging my energy, has been liberating, eye opening and given me more than one 'epiphany moment' that has transformed the way I now approach my life. I have been able to start the process of healing from past thoughts and ideas I held about myself and really move forward in a meaningful way.


Colchester, Essex
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Personal development coaching & wellbeing £35 per month

  • Monthly Coaching Topic & Workbook
  • Guided Meditation/visualisation
  • Collective fortnightly Tarot Reading
  • Monthly Journal & Planner
  • Live Q&A 
  • Access to Masterclasses
  • Free resources