Emotional Clearing Coaching

Letting Go Of The Past

Our energy systems hold emotional experiences and traumas from our past which hold us back from achieving our dreams and in some cases hinder us from living effectively. If you feel stuck, frustrated, anxious, worried, or overwhelmed and you can’t seem to move forward successfully, Emotional Clearing Coaching will help you let go of your past and any unseen blocks that are holding you back from moving on.

Intensive Session

3 hour session

Full Coaching Cost

5 weeks – 1 x 90 minute weekly session
Payment upfront


Please enquire about payment plans during your discovery call.


I really can't praise Gilly highly enough for the work we've done and the help she's given me. I was not in a good place mentally, all the worry that had come with covid affected me badly. I have always been an anxious person but as soon as I watched Gilly on one of her 'lives' from her cabin I knew that she would be the one to talk to, I felt that she was a friend before I met her in person. I did so much talking about my life and Gilly carefully unravelled it all. She also worked on my chakras, massaged my very tense shoulders and neck. She showed me how to do tapping, gave me ways of coping if I was in a stressful situation. In fact Gilly has given me a 'tool box' full of tools to use for everyday life. I've tried to embrace everything she's worked on with me, even though I wasn't sure it would help, but I really needed help from somebody and thank goodness I chose Gilly, it has truly changed my life.


Amesbury, Wilts
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Personal development coaching, healing & wellbeing

  • Monthly Coaching Topic & Workbook
  • Guided Meditation/visualisation
  • Monthly Tarot by zodiac sign
  • Monthly Journal & Planner
  • Live Group Healing
  • Live Group Q&A 
  • Community
  • Resources & Inspiration  

     VIP membership includes all the above plus personal monthly tarot & 60 minute 1:1 Coaching Session