Happy Balance Club

MAKE YOUR wellbeing A PRIORITY with our Holistic treatment membership

And save money!

Imagine having your favourite treatment EVERY month at a discounted price...

Sounds good, right?

We all know we should invest in our self-care. We all know why it's important. The reality is, life gets busy and rightly or wrongly, along with all our other commitments, our self-care drops to the bottom or our priority list.

Sound familiar?

Our holistic wellbeing club has been set up to take the thought out of having to remember to prioritise your self-care. With an automatic monthly subscription, all you have to do is decide which treatment suits your current needs and self-care requirements for each month and book online! Leave the rest to us...

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Prioritise your self care and save money whilst boosting your holistic wellbeing and join Chatty Flamingo's Happy Balance Club.

Each month

Decide what treatment you'd like

Book your appointment online or by text

Treatments available in person at Chatty Flamingo based in Amesbury, Wiltshire or our Touchless treatments and therapies are also available online

Limited availability in each level

The Happy Balance Club is for you, if...

You've decided to include regular self-care and time out for you! You're determined to reduce your stress levels, alleviate worries and tensions and invest in your wellbeing.

Treatments to choose from:

You can choose ANY of the treatments offered by Gilly at Chatty Flamingo that are within your subscription plan allowance (see below).

All plans include a good choice of treatments, with the Classic Plan having the most to choose from, including seven massage therapies, head, face and hand treatments, alternative therapies, as well as our popular Relax and Rebalance combi treatment.

Almost all of our treatments have a choice of durations to suit the majority of needs and budgets.


Save £2.50 a month

£42.50 / Month

  • 1 x 45 minute 1:1 treatment or therapy of your choice, in person or online to the value of £45
  • 6 month subscription
  • Book online
  • In Person and online

Most Popular

Save £5 a month

£60 / Month

  • 1 x 60 minute 1:1 treatment or therapy of your choice, in person or online to the value of £65
  • 6 month subscription
  • Book online
  • In Person and online

Save £10 a month

£85 / Month

  • 1 x 90 minute 1:1 treatment or therapy of your choice, in person or online to the value of £95
  • 6 month subscription
  • Book online
  • In Person and online

Limited availabilty in each plan

There are only so many treatment hours in any one month, so to avoid disappointment sign up today, once the allocated number of subscriptions in each plan has been taken a waiting list will open, which will be at least a 6 month wait.

How does it work?

Choose your plan and sign up for 6 months

Pay first month's subscription (payment will be taken same date each month)

Receive an email with your subscription details and personal booking code

Book your treatment, using your personalised booking code

Reduce stress and boost your wellbeing as you enjoy your monthly self-care treatment

Frequently asked questions...

Not at all. In fact, we encourage you to try a variety of treatments throughout your subscription. Saying that, if you find one you love, you can book it every month.

You can book any treatment up to the price limit within your chosen subscription level, so either £45, £65 or £95. If you would like to book a longer treatment, you simply pay the  difference. 

For example on the Classic Plan you receive
1 x 60 minute treatment a month for a subscription fee of £50.

If you wanted to book a longer treatment one month, you would pay the full price difference.

for example: If the 90 minute treatment costs £95 you would minus the £65 from your Classic Plan allowance and pay the £30 difference. So in total for your 90 minute treatment in this scenario would cost you £80. 

Not at all. You can book at a time that suits you, and let's face it, you may not be available at the same time each month. Saying that, if you would like a regular slot on the same date and time, simply make sure you book early. 

Regular dates and times cannot be guaranteed.

Whilst we encourage you to ensure you can make the appointment you first book, we understand that life happens! As long as there is availability you can change your appointment. 

If you know you can only make a certain day and time, you can contact Gilly to ensure you get your regular slot each month. This option is available on a first come first served basis. To avoid disappointment it pays to be organised. 

Before you sign up to the Happy Balance Club consider what days and times you can make. If you have limited availability, we recommend you book all six appointments in with Gilly at the beginning of your 6 month subscription. 

This is a great idea! Yes, you can book all your appointments at the beginning of your subscription as long as you know you can make the appointments you book, otherwise it is recommended you book one or two months in advance. 

If you are on the Indulgent 90 minute treatment plan and want to book a 45 or 60 minute treatment, you can choose how you would like to top up your time with any other service offered to take your appointment duration to 90 minutes. The top up treatment must be taken in your 90 minute monthly appointment. You cannot book two separate appointments to make up your 90 minutes.

No. You must book and have your treatment each month. 

To get the discounted rates, you are signing up to a 6 month subscription. You can cancel at the end of your 6 months.

If payment fails anytime within your 6 month subscription, you will be contacted and prompted to make payment. If after this payment is still not received, no treatment at the discounted rate will be given. And you will be removed from the plan. You can still have your favourite treatment at the standard price. Simply book online as usual.

Click here to read the Terms and Conditions.