How To End Self-Doubt

How To End Self-Doubt

The reality is, most every individual on this earth experiences feelings of self-doubt at some point in their life. But it’s those who don’t try to overcome this self-doubt, who truly suffer and almost never see the success they desire. If you find yourself constantly feeling as if you can’t do something, or as if you’ll never make it in life, then it’s time for you to follow a few easy steps to vanquish these feelings of self-doubt.

1. Stop Yourself From Thinking Doubtful Thoughts

This may seem like a given, but stopping yourself from thinking certain thoughts can truly be a hurdle for some people. But in order to stop doubting yourself, you need to prevent yourself from thinking doubtful thoughts. Next time you find yourself going down the road of self-doubt, tell yourself no, and quickly change your thought process to something positive. Or you can even tell yourself that the thought is incorrect and that you can achieve whatever it is you think you can’t.

2. Recognise Your Doubts For What They Are

Doubts are not truths. In fact, they are far from it. For you to be able to stop thinking doubtful thoughts, you need to establish what these thoughts are, and the fact that they are untrue thoughts. And when you realise that they truly are doubts, not the truth that you must live by, your perspective on them will start to change. Doubtful thoughts will be less scary and easier to turn away with a simple no, and not only that but you will be surprised at how much your general outlook on life will improve.

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3. Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

A number of our personal doubts come because we compare ourselves to people around us. And it’s time for this practice to stop. You need to realise that there is truly only one person like you out there on the earth, and no one can possibly compare. This will give you a new boost of self-confidence, and scare away those doubtful thoughts as well.

4. Surround Yourself With People Who Believe In You

While it is unhealthy to compare yourself to others, on the flipside, it is vitally important that you surround yourself with people who uplift you towards your goals. This means that if one of your friends constantly talks you down, or places doubts in your mind, it’s time to let them go and spend your valuable time with someone who wants you to achieve your dreams.

how to end self doubt

5. Celebrate Your Wins

If you’ve made it this far, you know they above four steps are certainly not easy, and therefore it’s time to celebrate your win. Not only should you celebrate whenever you successfully change your mindset, but also whenever you accomplish a small step towards your goal. These celebrations, no matter how small, will renew your sense of drive and further keep the doubtful thoughts at bay.

6. Recognise That Doubt Is Part Of Being Human

Although you may follow all of the above steps, it’s likely you will still experience feelings of self-doubt from time to time. This is because self-doubt it a part of being human. The important thing is not to let these feelings spiral out of control or over take your life. Instead, deal with them as a rational adult, and recognize them quickly, so you can vanquish them immediately.

Overall, self-doubt is a huge character flaw which continually holds us back from our goals of personal development. So, no matter how bad your doubts may seem, it’s time to label them, and dispose of them, so that they don’t hold you back from the successful life you desire.

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