How to Increase Your Willpower to Live A Successful Life

How to Increase Your Willpower to Live A Successful Life

Willpower is having the ability to say no or doing what must be done no matter how hard or challenging it may feel. Willpower often stands in the way of many people living their life to their fullest. Don’t let that be you

Adjust Your Thoughts

In other words, if you find your mind thinking about something that will destroy your willpower, think about something else. Find a way to distract yourself. Go for a run, play your favourite game, or talk to your best friend or spouse—anything to prevent you from giving in and thinking about it. The goal is to get distracted, so you completely forget about it.

How to Increase Your Willpower to Live A Successful Life

Keep Your Weaknesses Out of Sight

For example, if you know you can’t say no to chocolate, don’t let it in your house. Maybe you need to take a different route to work or charge your mobile phone in a separate room at night to get to bed on time.

Have a Plan B

It is likely you won’t be able to avoid all temptations throughout your day. Therefore, it is crucial to develop a plan B to prevent yourself from giving in. Write it down and make it easy enough to follow. Keep in mind how you react to each temptation and create a strategy that co-exists. For example, going to the supermarket on a full stomach and avoiding the junk food lanes.

How to Increase Your Willpower to Live A Successful Life

Identify Your Real Wants and Needs

Willpower is more comfortable to control when you know what you want out of life. If you know that giving in to your temptations will destroy your dreams and aspirations, you are less likely to do it. Highlight exactly what you want and identify anything that might get in your way of success.


If you don’t get there, what are the consequences of your actions? The moment you feel your willpower fade away, keep these in mind. You can go a step further by creating a vision board to look at and remind you of where you want to go too.

Always Be Yourself

Don’t try to be someone you’re not. You will only find yourself continually failing every day. If your willpower is preventing you from your goals, then maybe you didn’t set the right ones in the first place. Get to know yourself, honestly. Why do you want it, why do you want it, and what is getting in your way?


Remember, if you give in, don’t shame, or punish yourself. Failure happens it’s part of life and part of our learning experience, what matters is your actions after and what you continue to do to make it right. Accept that you want to change, do the work that needs to be done, and willpower will start to come over you naturally as you live your dreams more each day.


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