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"Everyone deserves to feel
inner peace and be inspired
to live their best life"

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Are you a woman who is ready to heal from your past, transform your mindset and behaviours to create a life you truly love? Do you want guidance and easy to follow advice that's simple to action and gets lasting results?

Imagine a Life Where you feel....

More positive

More Positive

More confident

More Confident

More aligned

More Aligned



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Here's the good news, it's yours for the taking and you can 100% have it all, whatever your ALL is and be living your best life.

Figuring it all out can be hard work, tiring, overwhelming, expensive, time-consuming and downright confusing! And that's where The Flamingo Lounge steps in, providing all the knowledge, know how, healing and gentle guidance to get you to where you want to be.

If you're ready to take action and create positive change, learning new skills and mindsets for coping with every day life, The Flamingo Lounge is most definitely for you.

Would you like help with any of the following?

Limiting Beliefs




Life Purpose

Money Mindset




Imposter Syndrome

Staying Positive

Negative self-talk

Are you ready to boost your holistic wellbeing with:

Your intuition

Energy Healing








Essential Oils



Once you know the right steps to take to embrace your struggles and learn to dance with life, living your best life is surprisingly easy...
Access all the tools you need in one online space to make your wonderful life transformation an easy and positive one.
You don't know what you don't know, right? Let me share with you my gentle but powerful formula that's helped me and so many other women too!
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Women living their best lives have these things in common:

They know what they want

They believe that they always have a choice

They have a deep sense of self-worth, purpose & confidence

They believe that they can achieve anything they set their mind to

They believe their spirituality is their superpower

They accept themselves as they are and take care of themselves

They let go of judging and comparing themselves to others

They surround themselves with the right people


The Flamingo Lounge

Bringing together everything you need to help you live a purposeful, soulful, happy and fulfilling life.

Hi, I'm Gilly!

I'm passionate about self-help, self-development and holistic practices, and anything in fact, that makes life a little easier.

Life's meant to be fun and yet it can be so easy to get bogged down by circumstances and challenges, can't it? It's easy to forget that we get to create our reality and can choose to be in the driver's seat or passenger seat.

I firmly believe, everyone should have access to a life coach, healer and holistic therapist (and I'm all three!) to heal, guide and help them learn how best to deal with life's challenges.

The reality is life coaching comes with a higher ticket price which isn't an option for many people. And this is why I have set up The Flamingo Lounge. To make it accessible to all. A safe, fun online space where you can receive all the benefits of coaching, healing and holistic wellbeing at an affordable monthly cost.

Gillian Hughes

I’ve found a formula that works and I've done all the hard work, so you don’t have to.

I’ve built a life that allows me to:

Reconnect with my true identity

Bounce out of bed every morning to work on my life’s purpose and do what I love

Feel comfortable and confident in my own skin

Not give a 'flock' about what other people think and just be myself

Feel great by prioritising my self-care and wellbeing

Incorporate my spirituality into every single day of my life and not feel ‘weird’

Build a business that allows me to live the lifestyle I’ve always wanted

Share my experiences and make a difference

Meet lots of lovely women who are ready for positive change

Stop procrastinating and just get out there and DO IT!

Join me in The Flamingo Lounge

on your journey to Heal, Transform & Flourish

Is it for me?

If you answer YES to any of these questions then The Flamingo Lounge is most definitely for you:

Have you lost your mojo recently, and feel stuck, overwhelmed or frustrated?

Would you like to feel more positive, and free yourself from those limiting beliefs that keep holding you back?

Do you struggle to know what you want, but you can say what you don’t want?

Do you want to start something new but lack the confidence to go for it?

Do you want to take better care of your emotional and mental wellbeing?

Do you want to explore and develop your spiritual wellbeing?

Would you like to bring more money into your life?

Do you need to get out of your own way, stop the excuses and start taking action?

Do you want to be a woman who is living the life she desires (and deserves) without feeling guilty about it?

Membership | The Flamingo Lounge

The Flamingo Lounge is an inclusive members club for women with soul at it’s very heart and has everything you need to learn to heal, transform and flourish to live the happy, fulfilling and successful life you desire in one online space; helping you embrace your struggles and learn to dance with life. Offering insightful guidance and resources so you can do the work at your own pace, to become more confident and discover your life’s purpose to light the spark within as you begin to shine brighter and brighter!

The Flamingo Lounge is a self-development and holistic wellbeing online destination to help you be the best version of your fabulous authentic self.

Everyone is at different stages of their wonderful life transformation journey. This is why, when you join The Flamingo Lounge, in addition to the monthly Flamingo Focus, you'll find different libraries (see below), filled with information on different topics. You can dip in and out. You'll know what's relevant to you and will be drawn to the topics as and when they feel right.

In short, The Flamingo Lounge is a self-development & holistic wellbeing treasure trove!

Here's what you'll find inside The Flamingo Lounge...

Flamingo Focus on Monthly Topic

Masterclass Library

Ebooks & Articles Library

Toolkit Library

Inspiration Library

Audio Library

Tarot video by zodiac sign


Access to private Facebook group

1 x Live Healing/Holistic Therapy

1 x Live Q&A

Get started now!

The monthly membership costs £25, and your monthly price will never increase for as long as you choose to remain a member.

For both membership types there are no contracts tying you in.


£25 / Month

  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Guided Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Tarot video by zodiac signs
  • LIVE Healing/Holistic Therapy
  • LIVE Q&A
  • Access to Private FB Group Community

The VIP membership costs £95, and your monthly price will never increase for as long as you choose to remain a member. In addition to the standard membership you receive a 60 minute 1:1 coaching session and personal tarot reading.

VIP Membership

£95 / Month

  • Monthly Masterclass
  • Guided Meditation
  • Affirmations
  • Tarot video by zodiac signs
  • LIVE Healing/Holistic Therapy
  • LIVE Q&A
  • Access to Private FB Group Community
  • 60 minute 1:1 Coaching (in person/online)
  • Personal Monthly Tarot Reading (in person/online)
Still got questions?

Maybe this will help?

The Flamingo Lounge is an online space to heal, recharge, learn new skills, reframe outdated mindsets, discover who YOU are as you explore and boost your holistic wellbeing.

It's easy to feel overwhelmed with life, filled with self-doubt, gremlins in the closet and your inner critter doing her best to talk you out of everything you desire! And that is why The Flamingo Lounge provides inspiring content to help you transform your life into one full of purpose, happiness and confidence. so you can figure out what you need to do to get YOU where YOU want to be. 

But we're more than that, we're a growing community! There's no need to feel alone as you work your way through your transformation. We support and we get supported. If you have questions, they get answered. If you need a pep talk, you get one. If you need some tlc, you get it.... you get the idea!

The Flamingo Lounge provides gentle healing, guidance, support, inspiration, accountability, spirituality and flocking good fun along the way!

Not at all, if you’re a woman and you're ready to take action to be your best self and start living your best life, you’re in!

It's £25 per month - cheaper than the cost of a facial! 

And to be a VIP is £95 per month.

Due to receiving instant access to ALL the content in The Flamingo Lounge the moment you sign up, no refunds are given.

However, you can cancel your membership at any time, with a click of a button.

Absolutely not. We welcome women from everywhere in the world. Content is available for you 24/7. Just bear in mind the time difference for the monthly lives. Saying that, replays are available.


See you in the lounge!

With love, Gilly x