Wellbeing Combination Essences

The five deep acting Wellbeing Combinations in this group each offer support with issues that are important for our overall wellbeing and which can affect the quality of life we experience.

Key Points:

  • Support for everyday issues that affect the quality of life.
  • Deep acting combination essences
  • Promote energetic wellbeing

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How to Use

Take four drops on the tongue directly from the bottle between two & four times a day. Finish the whole bottle then re‐check to see if more of that particular combination or another is needed. We do not recommend taking more than one combination at a time. Preferably take 10 minutes away from food and drink. These are all stock-level combinations.

To gain maximum benefit from your combination we recommend that you take it without further dilution. Size: 10ml & 25ml


Envronmental Stress

Strengthening & Cleansing

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Natural Rest

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Graceful Change

Feminine Maturity

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Strength & Wellbeing

Restoring Wellbeing

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Learning Easily

Free Flow and Connection

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