Wrapping up 2021 – A moment to reflect and release

As another year draws to a close it can be too easy to look forward to jumping into the new year without taking the time to reflect on what we’ve experienced, achieved and been through in the current year.

2021 has been a year of surprises, restrictions, challenges and opportunities. Sunshine and dark clouds.

Take a moment to reflect on your 2021. If only bad memories jump into your mind, don’t be too quick to dismiss it, because you will have had happy times throughout the year too. It’s really important that we identify the good and are grateful for these, rather than dwelling on the negative.

Really take the time to think about all you’ve achieved. What are you proud of? What made you happy? What made you sad? What are you grateful for? And what do you hope to never experience again?

Wrapping up 2021 reflect

The answers to these questions create the rich tapestry of life. We all have to go through a myriad of emotions, feelings and experiences within our life to help us learn and grow. How we choose to navigate our experiences is how painful or easy each situation can be.

So Gilly, I hear you cry, how do I reflect on my past year to learn and grow?

A great way to is to journal. Journaling can help release stuck feelings and also help you become more self-aware and a self-aware life is a life that requires you to know who you are and what you want. You need to know your preferences, your personality, and how you want to live.

What’s your unique personality and approach to life? If you’re not tuned in to who you are and what you want then it’s quite difficult to live a life that makes you happy and leaves you feeling excited, motivated, fulfilled, and challenged.

It’s not always easy to live a self-aware life. Denial, fear, and other emotions can get in the way. One habit that can support you to stay self-aware and to improve your personal awareness is to journal.

Wrapping up 2021

What Is Journaling?

Journaling gets a bad rap. People feel like they are back in school keeping a diary that they have to hide from their siblings. However, you’re an adult now and writing down your feelings, thoughts, and plans is cathartic and clarifying.

One approach to journaling, that I suggest for this exercise, is to pose specific questions for you to answer. For example, “What made me happy in 2021?” You can then journal to answer that question. You can focus on that question for one journaling session or twenty. You get to make the rules.

When you write down your answers to your questions and get your thoughts on paper, it is easier to get clear and remember the year in its entirety.

How to get started Journaling

Choose the tool that’s best for you. Would you prefer to journal on a laptop, smartphone or mobile device, or would you prefer to journal longhand on paper? Would you prefer to journal first thing in the morning or at night before you go to bed? (These are the most reflective times of day for most people.) Pick a time/s, it may take you more than one sitting and you may choose to answer one question a day.

Wrapping up 2021
Questions to ask yourself might be:
  • What were the highlights for me during 2021?
    • How did these make me feel?
  • What were my lowest points during 2021?
    • How did these make me feel?
  • What challenges did I face?
  • What obstacles were thrown in my path?
  • What people have left my life? Is this a good, bad or sad thing?
  • What made me happy?
  • What am I proud of?
  • What did I achieve?
  • What would I do differently?

These are some examples, you can ask your own questions relevant to your life. That’s the beauty of journaling, you can’t get it wrong! Enjoy reviewing your year in detail.

Lastly, ask yourself what do you need to release from the year? There is no point taking something, someone or a situation that no longer serves you into the new year. It is better to release with love. You can write on a separate piece of paper what you want to release. It may be a way of thinking too. Once you have written down what you want to release, burn the piece of paper (somewhere it is safe to do so), let it go.

Thank the year 2021 for all it has taught you and turn your focus on fresh intentions for 2022.

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